Andrew Marston - BBC Radio

I've received what I consider to be hit after hit from her. My love of her music has been of the highest possible order. One of the most prolific songwriters you’ll come across but also an incredible live talent. One of the best rappers we've got in the Midlands right now. Absolutely first class.


British crossover artist, BEKAH explores the interval where pop and urban meet, arriving where entertainment and art connect both sonically and visually. Being the bisexual daughter of a Seventh Day Adventist preacher, the world of BEKAH is unlike any artist before her. A Redditch born Pakistani-Montserratian, BEKAH has emerged from many diverse projects over the last 13years. As unpredictable as one artist can be, no one can put their finger on what she will do next. Unafraid to make you laugh, cry, vent, or think profoundly, she is on the road to developing her own blueprint for artists wanting to break the mould. Versatile in every sense of the word, BEKAH delves into many genres while bringing her own unique touch, you know a BEKAH record when you hear it. She has built a creative space designed to challenge stereotypes of what a female artist should be. When people say, "You can't" BEKAH smiles and says, "Watch me!"